Quality: Quality is the lifeline of the enterprise’s existance and development. ATLAS will regular check and unify the test standards of the consigned making products with contracted makers, as well as checking the changes on manufacture processes, raw materials, packings and manufacture places. ATLAS shall make sure its goods to be compatible with EUROPEAN CHEMICAL AGENCY’s (ECHA) regulation on Substances of Very High Concern(SVHCs) and keep close watches on the latest released lists on SVHCs and applying them to ATLAS’ tests on goods.
R+D: Uniqueness represents the competitiveness of a company. As per the demands customers, ATLAS actively researches new items and improves current ones, and makes them into final products by our contracted makers. ATLAS shall honor the business secrets and assure win-win among parties involved.
Supply: Human is entering the era of Industry 4.0 and raw materials supplyings requests more items, less quantities and faster delieveries in a same time. ATLAS has established deep cooperations with many makers of direct and acid dyestuffs in China and India, applying the packings which to be easier for customers’ further processings and smarter logistics to its goods and organizing the resources domestically and wordwidely to our customers in the fastest ways.
Eco-friendly: Simultaneously making the world more colourful, ATLAS is cautious with the harm to the environment and making effort to reduce it to the lowest during the manufacturing processes. ATLAS shall cooperate with the makers that value and fulfill the eco-protection responsibilies and avoid the ones with bad records on it. ATLAS believes that to help the former makers gain more orders is to contribute to a cleaner and better world.